Unorthodox frame configuration (Using Ping Pong table)

I’m putting the final touches on my frame which I decided to utilize our ping-pong table because when folded, it takes up a 2‘ x 5‘ footprint and it’s on casters. This will allow me to move it around and it will not take up much space. I designed two table end structures which bolt on easily to the ping-pong table. These will also store and hang easily on the wall of my shop when not in use. (See picture)… Now only one more problem to solve, I need to figure out on each pass how I can get the router to hop over the net :slight_smile:


That looks awesome!

Thanks Bar, I like the working height of the table for projects, will see how it works shortly.

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Nice skin on frame boat on the wall. I built a West Greenland style boat years ago to plans from ‘Sea Kayaker’ magazine.

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Thanks, I can’t take credit for this one but appreciate the craft of making them. Thought about taking on that project, maybe someday soon…

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