Updating system, now index.html.gz issue


First time owner and 100% new to Maslow. I thought I was doing the update correctly, but as it turns out I made things worse. I tried to delete the index.html 9.25.56.gz, but system will not let me. I was thinking of deleting it and installing the index.html.gz from the same version V0.64. So i am stuck with no clue as to my next step. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

It has to be named index.html.gz not index.html 9.25.56.gz

Thank you, but now i am not able to remove the current index file with the numbers.

What happens if you click the red trash can next to the one with the numbers?

I am trying to replicate the issue, but for me it deletes when I click it.

When click on the trash it nothing happens.

Hmmm is this in the popup that shows up automatically when you connect to the Maslow WiFi network?

If so try closing that window and opening a regular web browser, I think that might fix things.

You are correct in saying that i am using the Maslow WiFi/ popup. My Maslow has not been connected to my home WiFi yet.

Maybe i am doing something wrong but i can only select between the Maslow WiFi or my home WiFi and when switch from the Maslow WiFi to my home WiFi the Maslow popup screen goes away.


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It’s a simple thing that is hard to describe,:grin: forgive me I’m doing my best :stuck_out_tongue:

You want to stay connected to the maslow wifi network.

Which will open this popup:

If you close that popup you should get a message like this in your regular web browser:

Clicking on that will get you the same thing that you saw before in the popup, but in a regular browser window which will hopefully fix the issue.

You can also open a web browser and type in while connected to the maslow wifi network and that should do it also.

Thank you… I was able to delete that incorrect index.html file using the method you spelled out for me. Now the newly downloaded index.html file fails install. The install will complete and when connecting to Maslow i get the error.

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Can you show a screenshot? What error is it that you are getting?

This is the error i am getting.

It looks like that file is index.html and we need it to be index.html.gz

Some folks were reporting that their computers were automatically removing the .gz when they downloaded the file. Is that possible?

that is what was going on. I add the “.gz” and it would not install. After i downloaded the file as a “save as” it would install with no issues.

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it’s not enough to add the .gz to the filename, you have to compress it again.

David Lang

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On Mac, “right click” and choose “Download linked file” - that will download the file as-is with the correct extension and I think you’ll be OK.

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I had the same problem on my macbook.
When you just do a standard download to the download folder it removes the .gz
If you right click(two fingers click) it and choose “download linked file as” you can choose the location and it will keep the extensions.
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