USB Connection Lost

How do I best recover from the USB connection lost. I read in other threads about reset chain length, but can’t find such a setting in WebControl.

What is the proper way to continue after the USB connection lost?



action menu. center button.

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continuing after usb connection is lost means you will need to find where you were in your gcode file. the arrows and line number help in webcontrol. you can jump to the next z axis move or go to a specific line number with them. Be careful in doing this because you skip the header of your gcode file which contains some setup information. You may want to edit the gocde file and delete the parts between the header and where you want to start.

Thank you. My action menu looks different on my mobile. It shows Set sprockets & Chains as one option, and Reset Chains as another one. I have used the latter one successfully to get things back to normal.

Regarding restarting: Most of the time, I remember the line #, and goto one line number below, ie. if the line number where the error occured was 917 and I will goto line 916 and move on from there.

Thanks again.