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Use and Android Tablet, Possible or not?

Hi guys, I have an M2 and havent used for a while for various reasons, one being change of job which meant changing the laptop i was using originally.
Now I need to set up a new system to run and have an Intel NUC which I thought would be perfect (other than connection issues on the windows partition).
Tried doing all through Linux yesterday but had issues with Arduino IDE and connecting to the port, im not knowledgable enough in Linux to go through everything so going to use the windows 7 partition today but need to download all files and transfer over.
While searching for the files i wondered if my Lenovo Yoga Tablet would work with makerverse. It is an android version instead of windows though.
So my question is, has anything been developed for android use?

My other option if win7 doesnt work is to buy a windows tablet like a Pipo and go from there but that is a sort of last resort.

Thanks in advance for any advice or help.

Unfortunately not :frowning: Right now the software out there is Windows/Linux/Mac only. I think that the windows 7 partition sounds like a good bet, and the right place to start.

Let us know if you get stuck anywhere.

This is the advantage of WebControl (unfortunantly I don’t think it supports the
M2 yet, but it should be fairly easy to add support for it)

David Lang

Biggest problem I have is for some reason Windows doesn’t want to use WiFi or ethernet or a WiFi dongle to connect to the net where as Linux does.
Because of this using arduino ide is a no go due to the need to install arduino Sam from their library :roll_eyes:
Keep trying I guess. Cheers guys

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That is super annoying that the arduino installer needs the internet to work. I would really expect them to have a fully offline installer.