Arduino Uno "using ground control for XY plotter" on UNO board?

I have been slowly learning to use Micro controllers for various projects. I am not proficient at Coding but have found that utilizing bits and pieces from other projects put together I can usually get what I need to do accomplished.

I was hoping to use the Ground control program with two smaller Stepper motors and a L293D Motor Shield on an Arduino UNO board. I wanted to build the smaller version of the Maslow CNC with a dry erase board and markers. What all do I have to change in the code to make that happen or is it too involved?

The hard part in your plan is the stepper motors. The Maslow uses DC motors with encoders to achieve closed-loop control (of the motors at least). It may be possible to create an emulator that will fool Ground Control into thinking it’s working with a Maslow, but I’m sure there’s a bunch of work in it.

I would like to build an X Y Plotter Drawing Robot as well. It would give us a way to draw big things and if done right, would allow us to test our gcode before cutting wood on the Maslow.


Thank you for that quick reply, I will keep digging and try and come up with a solution. It my not be Ground Control making it happen but I’ll find something to spin those gears :crazy_face:. When I do I will pot it.

You might want to check out a device that seems to go by various names. polargraph, Scribit, and drawbot. Essentially a drawing robot with two motors driving a string connected pen, just like a Maslow. Bit hard to giggle since the names have been used for other things. Probably missed some names too, it’s late here in the swamp