Used Maslow with Ground Control Tablet - SOLD

Hello Everyone,

It’s time to let go of my Maslow machine,.it has very low usage. I bought it with the intent to use it daily but work and life have gotten in the way. I’m including 3D printed vacuum attachment, Arduino mount and the tablet I used to run ground control. Everything works great. I’m asking $350 + shipping. Everything you see is included.

I forgot to add that the vacuum attachment is for the Ryobi router I used|THD|G|0|G-BASE-PLA-AllProducts|&gclid=Cj0KCQiAzMDTBRDDARIsABX4AWyoc5OJdwHmXHFsRD_frhvvD_nH59mVcTgWhepwyNeJ-2ejxYAlyA8aAo5cEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CImPjp64gdkCFcqMYgodiBQFvA


Sorry to hear that the Maslow isn’t fitting into your life. A couple questions: Did you design the vacuum port yourself? If so, would you be willing to share the files? And what type of tablet were you using and how well did it work for running Ground Control? I would like to use a tablet instead of a laptop, but I am concerned about the computing power necessary as well as whether it will stay on continuously if plugged in.

I have a Maslow, so not looking to buy, but at least this will put you at the top of the latest posts :slight_smile: I am sure you won’t have any problem selling it though.



Thank you for the bump.

The 3D printed vacuum attachment can be found below.

The exact tablet can be found below, honestly the tablet worked great for Maslow, it never had any issues loading any of the files. It was easy to use and better than lugging a laptop or desktop next to Maslow.

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Thanks for the info @Cncgeorge! Hope your sale goes smoothly

Is this still available? We are interested in one for our school district. And I’d like to confirm that all the original parts are there in addition to the tablet?


Still wondering if this is Sold or still available. I’m willing to buy if its available.


The Maslow kit is still available, please pm me.for.details

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I’m no longer in the market for one for our schools. The folks at Maslow have already helped us. Thanks.

Not sure how to PM but I am interested

In the mobile version click on your icon in the upper right corner. Click the envelope towards the right side of the top line in the dropdown list

Desktop is similar but I don’t have one handy

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Thank you for your help

Is this still available?

PM him for details, see the PM (private message) instructions a couple posts up

The envelope takes me to my messages there is no way to private message him in there.

Never-mind i figured it out you click on his name and you get this menu. Its not on the top right like the previous post stated.

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Item is still available, sorry for the delayed response. All PM’s have been answered.

I’d love to purchase your kit right away. I was going to order a new one today and was a bit bummed that I would have to wait. Since I just signed up the system will not let me send PM’s yet but if you PM me it should let me respond. Thanks and I hope to be doing business with you shortly! :slight_smile:

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Does the Ryobi Vacuum attachment work for the recommended Ridgid 2HP model? If not does anyone know of a good solution for dust control with the standard Ridgid model? I saw @Johnny5 's version, but that is part of his custom z-axis setup. I’d like to find one that is independent of or works with or without the standard Maslow z-axis setup.

Any ideas?

Also, a question for everyone: There doesn’t seem to be a good place to discuss dust control. Can there be a new Category called Dust Control be made??

The Ridgid comes with a vacuum hose attachment adapter

Can’t PM yet but will buy today, have cash waiting

Pm me or text me four six nine 744 six 9 six 4 and make payment today. Your welcome to keep ryobi and adapter, I’ll use ridgid I own