Using Router Kobalt K11RTA-03

Hello, does anyone know if the east bay kit might work with the Kobalt K11RTA-03 router ?

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I guess mentioning @EastBaySource could trigger a response from the supplier directly :wink:

Kind regards, Gero

Hi Javier

We do not have any experience with that router, but looking at the pictures it looks like it might work.

The z-axis on that router looks fantastic! it uses a rack and pinion system that is way better than the lead screw in the ridgid

It could be a great alternative to the Ridgid R22002

Assuming you have this router already, try removing the handles to measure the overall base diameter there, it needs to be about 5.75 in, if it is too wide the ring carriages may collide with it.

NOTE. worst-case scenario, you can always build the “the meticulous Z-axis” for less than $30 and then use any router you like

Hope it helps.


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it has a fixed 25,000rpm,
better to get a variable speed router and run it slower

If it’s not a Digital Speed control, one of these might work to control the speed.

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Great, amazing response. I’ll give it a try and come back with an answer.

That make sense too, I have one I’ll try it and get back