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Choosing a Router or Spindle


Tested Routers List

(from the old Maslow CNC Wiki)

A collection of routers tested by the community:

In addition to the details below, a matrix of the different routers, their features, compatibility with the different triangular linkage kits etc is available here



Tested but found to be difficult:

Please Help contribute by creating a new page for any other routers you may have tested. Each router page should include at minimum the following information, an identifying photo, and a link to the manufacturers documentation.

Feature Value
Model #
Cost (approx)
Collet size
Ease of attaching Z-axis
Shaft connector size
Variable speed (y/n)
Illuminated (y/n)
Dust collector (y/n)

Pros/Cons, General comments


Indi the Dingo Bitch Circumnavigates the Globe

The bosch pof 1200 has been pretty well tested i think, i’ve cut quite a few projects with it, i sold about 40 conversion kits, and haven’t recieved any complaints yet. (No positive feedback either, but i guess that’s a good thing, since people are always more vocal when they complain)

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