Virtual Pinball (2nd Build) - Stern Build

Started a new Virtual Pinball Build to work on over the winter… I already have a completed Williams builds Ill post some pictures of. This was built with my Maslow CNC.

(building a blower into the backbox (stealth)

(Solenoids Ill be using for bumpers and Slings)

(Flipper Solenoids)


(General Layout)

(Blower/Fan Motor)

That’s where I am at with this current build, collecting all the hardware needed to start planning out the “shelfs” and staging the hardware…

Here is my other Virtual Pinball build I have at about 95% Complete, Still waiting on custom class panels for my translite and acrylic for my Speaker panel. This machine has 10 Solenoids, 1 Blower Motor, Gear motor, Shaker motor, 2 Bass Thumpers, 4 Exciters, 1 8" Sub, 2- 5.25 Speaks (9 Total Speakers) Setup with SSF (7.1 Surround Sound). 4K Playfield Display 32" backbox Monitor, Real PinDMDv3, Oak Micro AIO Pinscape Board. LED Matrix, Undercab lighting and so on.



These are stunning both visually and technically.

Excellent work! I need to get on my Virtual Pins machine. I still have my old MAME cabinet (in a Simpson stand up cab) just need to get it out of storage and put my play room back together (wife approval pending. LMAO)

Wow, that’s really beautiful! Are you crafting your own DXFs, or using existing plans? I’ve got the guts for one, just need to get around to building the cabinet.

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Awesome work! PLEASE share the cnc files for the maslow! I want to build one so bad!

Awesome ! could your cnc files ?