Vote on creating a --> Find of the day/night <-- category

Is a --> Find of the day/night <-- category welcomed?

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  • NO
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The --> About <-- would say:

Kindly put in the title what it’s about
Few lines of what you found, like what to expect clicking a link
Please respect and mention the creator and post a link to the licence
A screenshot perhaps? Followed by a link to click

As examples:

Title: A rocking Elephant for small kids (pdf & dwg)
Respect to Jmesman, thanks for sharing

Title: Huge variation of what can be done with creativity and CNC
Respect to Tom Kluyskens, thanks for sharing
Licence: All Rights Reserved


(Parental advise on this one! Please do not create gaps were little hands can get trapped)
A great source of inspiration though

Title: How to make (almost) anything (bending plywood sheets) and a rocking chair
Respect to Kristin Zimmerman, thanks for sharing
Licence: unknown (please research)

Title: Linux, pdf2svg (is in my ubuntu mate packages, not tried yet!)
Respect to … hmm?
Licence: Something with a gnu I guess


I was actually looking for a decent design to make a few dozen stackable stools with minimun waste, that’s exactly what i was looking for.

Anyone have the files?

Thank you

So should this be a subcategory under projects?

Also, would the “of the day” naming be confusing relative to the “Project of the week” and “Community contributor of the week” topics/badges? I think I see the “of the day” being like the “best/favorite ________ of all time of the week” features on Shop Talk Live and Funny or Die.

I like the idea, BTW, I’m just jumping ahead to the implementation. :smile:


“Randomly found and shared” is a new suggestion for the title. I would not put it as a subcategory as it can be a project, a cad- or cam- software, super cheap quality router bits or just a brain fart that could turn out to be not smelly at all.

My find of tonight is pycam, a legacy with older cnc’er and it always crashed on me.
PyCAM v0.6.2 from 27 Oct 2017 is interesting enough for me to check out and share.
The .svg import fails, however it does import .stl and that is (at least for me) impressive.


I agree that it doesn’t fit as a subcategory. Long category names are awkward in the hamburger menu. Would “Found and Shared” suffice?