Warping top beam on current default frame

My workshop in Texas gets a fair amount of humidity and after just a couple of weeks the top beam 2x4 warped so much that the right chain started catching during my test runs.

I replaced the top beam and put another one behind it in a T formation to resist future warping. Has anyone else had this? I wonder if this mod could be standard for moist climate builds.


I’d imagine i will have the same problem. Had similar problem with an outdoor shed frame I built for a water softner and pressure treated lumber. That sounds like a solid idea and will likely incorporate it into my frame build. Just ordered my kit, so got plenty of time to work on my frame.

How long has it been since the “T” addition to your frame?

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Yes, a couple others have done it, more have gone with unistrut instead.


Ah, like the below?


Yes, also available at plumbing and electrical supply stores that cater to
commercial construction

I will be going the unistrut route. I don’t have an indoor workshop. The poor Maslow has to be tarped (I also use garbage bags for extra protection over the motors). It won’t fit inside the covered patio that the table and miter saws are in.

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Yes, I also have opted for the T top beam.