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Was working, now Sled rises 1.5" moving to right over 60" and also moves to far to right 1"

Was working, now Sled rises incorrectly 1.5" moving to right over 60", should not rise at all. and it also id out of scale now carving 61" instead of 60".

I am very demoralized over this, yes it was going slow, but it was cutting to scale. Now broken again. Nothing changed. But third time since Thurs.

I need to be able to just use this machine- not to mention eliminate the cost of destroyed plywood-especially cabinet grade plywood. I work 60plus hours a week and bought this hoping to cut cabinets on. In theory yes it works, but in practice it dies every other day.

I dont know what to do now.

I am going to try recalibrating with the holey method. And see what happens.

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Was there any change which lined up with the calibration being off? Power or computer changes or something like that?

is it possible that the chain skipped on the sprocket?

David Lang

The left motor cable vibrated loose and the right chain jumped sprockets when left motor quit