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Wavy wall decoration

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Edit: @jwolter Sorry Friend. At first I thought it was taking 0.001% off your back, then I realized it was just campaigning self ego. I’m truly sorry.


Edit 2: @jfsicilia
Maybe a pull request or an edit adding 1 picture the ‘mainpicture.jpg’ ?

No problem here, though I’m glad you pointed it out, because it’s when I post the picture that I also add it to my database for PotW/CG.


Done. It was my first uploaded project and I didn’t know at first, that I needed to put a mainpicture.jpg in the zip.



This is awesome! I was going to make something like this. I took a bunch of pics of one I saw in my girlfriends dispensary but never figured out how I was actually going to make it on a computer. Nice work!

This is so nice!

so cool!!