Wire Dispenser with 3d Printed Spools

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In trying to update the main picture, I have deleted it and cant get anything to show up now! @bar, I have been uploading this picture but in the garden it seems to be missing and showing up as a blank space.

Cheers for any advice!

It’s on Github but upside down. Guess it will be updated in the Garden soon.

I wonder if the file name needs to be all lower case? I don’t think the file name can be edited once it’s uploaded. I think it will need to be removed, and one named ‘mainpicture.jpg’ added. @bar may know a quick fix.

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@blurfl is right, I think it’s a capitalization thing with .JPG vs .jpg. I’ve created pull request #1 to propose the change.

The most straight forwards way to change things like that easily is to use GitHub desktop (instructions here), but it’s possible to do it all through the website like @blurfl said by just uploading a new file and deleting the old one