Way to resume cut after losing power and/or connection?


I’m wondering if anyone has found a way to resume their cuts after either a connection loss to the control board or losing power to the computer running the software?

Unfortunately, I’m using a pretty low-end, old computer that has no charge left on the battery, so if I have any power surge, I lose power to my computer, router and control board.

I’m OK dealing with this low-end tech I have, but have lost my cuts twice this weekend because I haven’t figured out a way to resume the cute after either of these two has occurred.

Any tips?

Here’s a recent post on the subject…
To;dr - after losing power, ‘not a clean recovery’.

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might want to spend $50 on a UPS back up system? or just buy a battery for the laptop. they are pretty cheap to fix if you are handy are ripping apart batteries.

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This is one of my biggest frustrations currently. The heartache and fear of a lost connection and how much havoc it can create on a cut that has taken some time to create and potentially wasted material. I’ve asked the question before and got good answers but still don’t understand how a lost connection needs to reset your calibration. I’ll have to go back and review the responses.

Also, the instability of going to a specific line of g-code to start where you left off or pausing for a moment, fixing something, then wanting to redo the past 5 lines isn’t as intuitive nor stable as one might hope.

If these two things were fixed or improved, it would make mistakes and errors far more salvageable.


Yeah - I’ll probably do this for the time being - was just hoping the positioning was stored somewhere locally on the computer so that I can pull it back up. Would be handy if the computer ended up crashing for any reason also.