Web Control Error Messages

Calibrated just fine in Web Control.
Went to load a sample file from the garden to try it out.
Everytime I move the sled it starts to move then I get the error “Sled not keeping up”.
I clear it and can select the sled move arror and it will move briefly then the error comes up.
It is moving in the right direction but only about a 1/4 inch at a time then the error.
Nothing is binding, no other issues I can see.

Anyone ever see this before?

This is a common problem, the machine does not realize that it doesn’t go from
stopped to full speed instantly (this feature should be disabled until it does)

you can lower the feed rate until you no longer have the problem, or go into
settings and change the error amount that triggers this message (I think it’s
default is 2 or something like that, change it to something huge like 20)

David Lang