Webcontrol Pi Dropping off Wifi

So I tried the WiFi powersave command mentioned and it doesn’t seem to have made a difference. The investigation continues.

Anyone know if there are any issues with updating the kernel on the Pi when using webcontrol pre-built image?

I can’t say I’ve tried that. I really wish I knew what was causing that problem. Webcontrol is just a python program so I don’t know what it would be doing to cause an issue (assuming it’s webcontrol causing the issue). Perhaps docker is causing a problem? /shrug

Not sure it is related, but thought i would mention it anyway:
Trying with an old Pi first, i noticed ‘over-voltage detected’ while i had a screen connected a couple of times.
This had a wifi-usb dongle and the arduino pluged in.
With a brand new Pi i did notice ‘over-voltage detected’ once, however moved to headless fast, so can’t really tell if it still occurs. I also don’t know in what system log to look to find and can’t connect to a monitor at the moment.

My doubt was that i would have to add an additional power supply for the arduino, suspecting that the Pi is overwhelmed with the voltage demand. Just thoughts… don’t take to serious.

Is the arduino powered by the Pi or by the motor controller?

By the Pi i think. As far as i remember a pass of power from the shield to arduino was on purpose excluded.

Makes sense (because motor controller won’t work with power plugged into the arduino). Might be something to look at. How did you notice the ‘over-voltage detected’? Was it reported to you on the gui?

No, at boot. (After boot)

Thanks for sharing!! I don’t know much about this. You may refer any wifi guide to get more information on this.

You can add a booster to it,
hope that helps