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Welp added new zaxis motor and recalibrated

Welp added new zaxis motor and recalibrated via Holey Calbration and Webcontrol.

Its been cutting for about an hour now and seems to be doing okay.

we will see what it does.

It did cut off a corner on the bottom right side- same place it died before. I am not sure why that corner causes so many issues. I am going to try some other cuts- before I give up

Maybe there’s an extra line in my svg file.

the forces are low in the bottom corner, especially the force to move the sled
towards the bottom corner. If the bit is a bit dull, or the sled sticks, it can
end up not moving out from the center before the chains start pulling it up.

try sanding and waxing the sled, slow the feed rate, go to a wider top beam
(which increases the forces) or cut in the other direction (but if you are
having the sled stick, you can get a jagged downcut)

David Lang