What did you cut today?

I appreciate the compliment!

These Star Wars themed Bar Stools. I thought about making them completely on the Maslow, but I would have had to charge 10X more for materials and labor. So, I got some unfinished stools, cut the seats off, cut the seats on the Maslow, then glued them back in place. The black and red colors are epoxy resin. The white on the Empire logo is spray paint. The trick to getting the spray paint and stain on without discoloring the epoxy was finding transparent polyethelene tape with low tack to use as a masking tape.


new project with new exact sled.
Now you need to understand how to calibrate the machine, that he would take into account the stretching of the chains


Great Art!


Nice work. Very artistic.


My new project for my daughter. runbike


Oh man I’ve been looking at those and thinking how cool it would be to make one. Awesome! Can you give more details about how you did the steering bit? I haven’t figured out how that bit is done

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Oh yes, this is the most difficult moment for me, I’ve been thinking how to do this

@WoodCutter4 @Gero
I hope I did the right thing by writing an answer in this thread.
Gero is the right answer. these are dandelion seeds. They were also made on the stencil. At first, I applied black color, let it dry for a couple of minutes, then moving the stencil a little, I applied white color, this is how the 3D effect turned out, everything is simple :)read.


It came out as a great piece of art. Your daughter must be very proud of such a nice father.
Thanks for sharing!

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I think @michaelsen question was about the CAD program for the drawing.

Even if not, what program is that? Does it export g-code?

@michaelsen this is fusion 360. , g code can be obtained, but I use another program - artcam
my daughter is 1. 10 years old and unfortunately they are now in a different place and have not yet been able to appreciate Dad’s work))

NoGo for linux :disappointed_relieved:

maybe the virtualbox program will help you @Gero

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I have xp in VB for Starcraft, Command and Conquer, Age of Empire…(yes i’m old) no internet on this box :slight_smile:
12 years without windows and happy with freeCAD. I have a mac for Fusion, but see no need to start learning new again. Mac is the next OS that i will remove from my future :wink:


in starkraft still play? Blimey !I would play with you!)
I’m new to design, and fusion is very accessible to me helps me master this area.

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Thanks for your answer the CAD program is exactly what I was asking about. Hopefully your daughter will be close to you soon to appreciate your work.


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Had a lot of scrap wood lying around and got inspired by some tables I saw on Pinterest.
Glued the wood together and cut a 75cm diameter round tabletop out of it.

Had to take away the back(plywood)panel of the maslow because of the thickness of the table (40mm).

The ultimate compliment came from my wife :woman: when she suggested to put the table in the living room! Victory!
As of now she officially cannot deny the beauty of my CNC endeavor anymore.


Nice work! That came out beautifully!

… did I mention I like meccano stuf! :smiley: