What did you cut today?

Oh and forgot to say earlier…Welcome to the Maslow community of users and congratulations for getting this far.

I am more than happy to support my fellow Maslovian.

The forum members are so friendly and helpful. I love my Maslow now that I got it “dialed in” and working well.

To be honest, I wanted to “curse” a few times getting everything to work smoothly from design concept to cut out and built, but still enjoy(ed) the discovery.

I look forward to see where we the community move the Maslow concept.

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Thank you very much

Mrbrixx, Did you forget about me?:wink:

Just got caught up wirh some work stuff. Sending you all of these files from my phone. I believe i used box head and just deleted the box in maker cam. I also am including a gcode file. boxhead head headcarve elephant carving.nc (2.2 MB)


Thank you very much. The only thing I see is the nc file.

Hi everybody,
Just starting to roll out projects on my MaslowCNC.
This one was done as a birthday present for my mother.


So how many cutting boards does your mom need? :laughing:

These look great! What kind if wood is it?

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One for each one on the table!

The wood is teak. Brazilian grown, FSC conform!

Oliver Ilg

Please excuse typos & brevity!


Big family :slight_smile:
FSC rules!


Before and after Tung oil. Black walnut with white tinted epoxy. I would’ve been more diligent about bubbles if I had more time, there were a couple in the coordinates.



your image isn’t working

Made a couple of signs…

Just learning the joys of cleaning out all the letters of splinters, etc.

Gotta say I love using the 1/8” bit. Need to play with the RPMs to see what’s best… I slowed down the sled to 600 mm / min, and did just one pass at .15” depth. Doing 2 passes really burns up the clock, so my goal is one pass cutting for these pocket cut letters. Any tips would be appreciated.



Well I didn’t cut anything but I worked on making my work area more usable by putting radient barrier on the garage door. lol


@Dustcloud Try a downcut bit, they work great on any inlay/pocket cuts. This bit has been my work horse and has preformed pretty well.


I layered 3 bits of acrylic i had laying around to make a 10mm sled. Until now ive been using a square temp sled. Hoping for improved accuracy. Pretty happy with the look of a round semi see through sled :grin::grin:


Looks pretty good. How does the acrylic slide across the cutting surface?

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Looks great, hopefully it won’t scratch up too much from use. Let us know cause a see through sled would be awesome


Thank you, ive only cut the calibration bench mark at the moment and there wasn’t a noticeable difference compared to the mdf sled i was using prior. I think scratching will be an issue at some point, i did see a post about furniture movers on the base of sled so might look in to that down the track. But for now your right a see though sled is a pretty sweet addition :blush:

You should be able to wax the acrylic. Don’t think the furniture pads will work, as they might catch in your cuts.

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