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What did you cut today?

Just got this done tonight the slab is 36 inches tall by 23 at it’s widest.


That looks so good it’s almost un"bear"able.


And here is my first Maslow cut that was not a square or circle.


Mrbrixx, can I take this back into Inkscape and add a name to it? I’m very new to this so I’m not to sure if an svg for can be opened by inkscape? Thanks

You can open the SVG in inkscape.

Mccand is correct that you can open svg in Inkscape, but adding text in that program can be a little difficult if you are new to image software.

You can also open the svg using Easel and you can add text very easily in that program. I would recommend this for beginners.

If you want the text to be aligned to a shape (not straight) you will need another CAM software (Estlcam) to do that.

Thanks for the reply. Are any of these open source of free?

Easel is free, but is online only.
Etslcam also can be used for free I believe and is a stand alone program. I am just starting to play with that one.

Makercam is free also a d can be made to work offline. I have used that a lot, but it has a few limitations. The most important thing to remember on Makercam is to first set the resolution to 96 so that scale does not get mixed up. This is especially if your svg file comes out of Inkscape.

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Thanks for the info. Just cut my final sled and found that my circle is off. 18 on the width and 17 3/4 on height. I have run the calibration a couple of times. Just can’t figure it out.

I had similar problems. I found that the centering of my sled to the ring was off a bit and caused my issues. Have you looked at the index yet? It links directly to very good discussion on how to do a number of things. This subject is discussed I believe.

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I plan on researching extensively tonight. Thanks

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Oh and forgot to say earlier…Welcome to the Maslow community of users and congratulations for getting this far.

I am more than happy to support my fellow Maslovian.

The forum members are so friendly and helpful. I love my Maslow now that I got it “dialed in” and working well.

To be honest, I wanted to “curse” a few times getting everything to work smoothly from design concept to cut out and built, but still enjoy(ed) the discovery.

I look forward to see where we the community move the Maslow concept.

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Thank you very much

Mrbrixx, Did you forget about me?:wink:

Just got caught up wirh some work stuff. Sending you all of these files from my phone. I believe i used box head and just deleted the box in maker cam. I also am including a gcode file. boxhead head headcarve elephant (2.2 MB)


Thank you very much. The only thing I see is the nc file.

Hi everybody,
Just starting to roll out projects on my MaslowCNC.
This one was done as a birthday present for my mother.


So how many cutting boards does your mom need? :laughing:

These look great! What kind if wood is it?

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One for each one on the table!

The wood is teak. Brazilian grown, FSC conform!

Oliver Ilg

Please excuse typos & brevity!


Big family :slight_smile:
FSC rules!