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What kind of file do I need to load into maslow cnc to cut out basic shapes I design?

What kind of file do I need to load into maslow cnc to cut out basic shapes I design??
I am just starting in this Maslow Journey and have no Idea, can I load a png of the shape??

The file that gets loaded into Maslow is known as a g-code file. Maslow will take this file and use it to position the router sled on the work piece. This file typically has the extension *.nc.

Getting the .nc file involves a workflow that can be simple or complex depending on the design you are originating with and the software you choose to use.

You will first need to design your shapes using some form of design software. Something like AutoCAD, Solidworks, OpenCAD, or any number of open source applications. It may not necessarily be a CAD type of application that you use, but for the sake of simplicity, lets call this part of the process the “CAD” part.

Next you will need to convert the output of your CAD design into into the *.nc file that the Maslow can use. Lets call this part of the process the “CAM” part. You will need an application that does this. Lots of times, this function is bundled into the CAD or design application, sometimes its not. It really all depends on the software you choose to use and the level of comfort you have with it.

Once you have created the *.nc file from your drawing you will then load that onto the Maslow and use one of the versions of Maslow control software to actually cut your part.

I know it seems convoluted and cumbersome but after a few iterations, it will actually make a lot of sense


@tliubakka, I’ll second what @jonatpridesleap has stated about the process. This can be the most tedious and time consuming as you try to get things converted and working in the different software packages. But if you get this right, then it is a lot easier to see if the machine is having issues.

To add to the conversation and help get you pointed in the right direction, I’ll link this post. This will help you see what the different software packages are (and cost, if any).
Also, I’ll give you this link and this link that are some step by step methods for some of the various CAD and CAM programs that can be used to generate the GCode needed for the Machine to do it’s thing.

Happy cutting!