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What Post Processor do you use with vCarve Pro and Maslow?

So we are Intelicam_GCode_Inch.pp (as per listed here:

But it’s not working. Is there one that works better?

When the code loads o\in to ground control, it not to scale (meaning 24" is now 1")

It’s not looking right.

That sounds like a metric/inch error. I vCarve Pro not setting inches/metric?

Try changing the mode of Ground Control and loading it


I think I had same trouble but save in .nc
I just open the gcode in notepad and add g20 in as the first line to set the machine to inches



Thanks! Using
G20 worked


I’m considering Vcarve pro. As I go through the trial version, I notice there is a section where you can choose a machine from their list and a section where you can select your post prose or from a long list. I didn’t see Maslow, Makermade, or anything that links to the Maslow machine. What did you use that makes your setup work with the Maslow? I am using Makerverse with the M2. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Use the grbl post processer

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