Sprocket set screw missing, what type are they?

My kit was missing the set screws for the sprockets. Anybody know what type they are supposed to be? I’ve already made one trip to Menard’s to buy missing motor mount screws and don’t fancy making another unless I’m sure they have the right screws in stock. I’ve already emailed support, but since it is the weekend and I’m anxious to finish setting up my machine I was hoping someone lurking on the forums could tell me. Anybody have their kit and a set of calipers that could help me out?


If I remember, the set screws weren’t on the sprockets, but in one of the small bags of fasteners one parts. If you’ve been through those, I’ll go out to the shop and check one and report back.

edit - curiosity got me. I can say that they look like 1mm thread, just under 6mm. Based on that, I would say M6 x 1mm set screws. Most of the other motor fasteners are metric as well.

Edit - corrected the thread size

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I definitely don’t have them. I’m guessing they were in the same bag that had all the other screws I was missing. I had one big bag of loose items, and then one small bag for the z axis kit. I found my cheap calipers and did my best to measure the inside diameter and it seems to measure 3/16", but I’m not sure if it should be an imperial or metric screw measurement. If you could confirm that (and the appropriate screw length) that would be awesome.

And now I realize I’m also missing the 12 ring to bracket bolts and nuts. I think I basically was missing whatever bag had all the machine screws in it.

I’m sorry for the trouble! It sounds like your hardware bag wasn’t done right and we can send you a new one (although I know you probably don’t want to wait). The part is an M6 screw. Here is the part listing for all the specs:


Thanks. I was able to pick them up today at Menard’s (along with the ring bracket screws) . I think I’ve got everything now.