What's a suitable vacuum hose

I’ve been looking around for a vacuum hose for dust collection and everything at the hardware stores are too rigid. They won’t flex enough. What are you folks using and where did you find it? Also what’s the diameter for the ridged router dust collection attachment?


I tried one of these kits, but the hose is heavy and the slip-on fitting slips off the router as it moves about. Not sure where I got the 15’ piece of 2.5" hose I’ve been using, I think it is Sears/Craftsman. I think the adapter

was from Sears as well.

I’ve used both of these:



I use the 2-1/2 inch right now because it gives more suction. For the smaller one I was able to find an adapter which would connect to the router. For the larger hose I just made my own adapter which press fits into place and has been working well for months now:


Thanks folks,

I just picked up a 8 foot 1 1/4 with adapter included for 20 bux Canadian. I’m hoping this will be enough length coupled with the 2 1/2 hose that comes with the shop vac. I think it’s time to cut a new sled since I ordered a top panto from dlang and cut a hose mount.