Wheels on frame

Has anyone tried making their frame with wheels so it can be moved around the shop? Is there any reason this would not work? Thanks

Haven’t assembled our kit yet, but our frame is built. It’s on wheels, two non-swivel casters and two swivel casters with brakes. I would imagine that on casters, the frame is a little more able to move. if that becomes a problem, I’ll design some chocks to keep the wheels still.


no reason it can’t work, the alternate 2 frame that I’ve posted about many times
uses two wheels under the front and the rear legs fold. others have put wheels
under the frame without problems

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These retractable casters are great for making shop equipment mobile.


POWERTEC 17000 Workbench Caster Kit (Pack of 4)


I like those, but are all four in the set the swivel type? Makes it harder to steer.

This is the type I was thinking about.

The description says they all pivot. I am sure you could change two to stationary if you wanted too.

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