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Question about legs on default frame

I want to make the frame mobile by adding some casters.

Can I trim the bottom of the legs flat and attach the above casters without messing up angles?
First time poster and first time with a cnc.

I would expect bolting these on to work just fine. I’m not sure I 100% understand

But I don’t think it matters because the angle is pretty forgiving. The exact angle isn’t critical.

These casters also look like they might fold away when not in use which could mean that the frame angle doesn’t need to change, the castors could just fold down for moving.

Yes, my machine has that sort of setup

the angle isn’t that critical (and we aren’t sure exactly what the best angle is
in any case, we know 20 degrees is too much, 5 degees is not enough, 15 degrees
is the default)

David Lang