When zeroing an axis, is the up sprocket supposed to be "to the sky" or "to the bracket"

Looking at the pictures, I might’ve been doing it wrong this entire time…
The pictures show the “up” tooth normal-to-the motor mount bracket, but that’s 45 degrees off “vertical”…

Generally speaking, up is “to the sky”. The motor in the picture is not tilted 45 degrees as yours might be (if working from a stock frame design… that motor in the picture is horizontal) … that may be the source of confusion.

@dlang, 11 minutes to response time :slight_smile:

Do you think we should change the picture? Maybe put two pictures in, one with motor horizontal and one with it tilted? Some people are building alternate frame models with the motor tilted, so I don’t think we should just change the picture wholesale.


Maybe change the wording, instead. How about “point towards the ceiling”?

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Then someone will ask what they should do if they are building there’s outside.:rofl:


it’s actually important that it’s up to the sky as the angle that the chain
moves away from the sprocket doesn’t matter what angle the motor is at.

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12 O’ clock -High noon

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I agree… I deleted that part from the post so as to not confuse someone. It’s really hard to measure distance between motor mounts unless its done as shown… so one tooth needs to be pointing away from the center of gravity of the earth.

Here is the way I was taught - I was trained by the man who designed all the training materials for Mission Control for the original space program( he was in the Air Force at the time). For the Military small mistakes can cost lives. Like Airlock Open/Closed backwards. So when writing think how would NASA or the Military word it. Point the riffle towards 12 o’clock and fire.

Example :


If you follow this most of the time you will be concise.

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That implies we pay enlisted enough to own a watch.

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I thought that was part of the standard outfit. I never served (and very much respect those that do).

I have not served and now too old to be taken. But I do get along with military folks very well. I’ve worked along side them. I have extensive understanding of working with DOD computer infrastructure. I consider my Technical Writing days as a very good education. I appreciate everybody though. This is the funnest group I’ve been involved with. Keep being you.

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