Just received kit, what are these two small bearings?

Inventorying the box, I might figure it out one day, but don’t see it on the inventroy list?

Sorry if this is obvious and I am not seeing it.

I do believe those are the “ring” bearings, and if I’m not mistaken there should be 4.

I have four larger bearings, which I think are the ring bearings.

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Ah, then I do think those are the bearings for the bungee string. In the stock configuration they would mount to the bottom of the frame on either side. The slack of the chain that hangs on either side is then pulled downward by the bungee string. These smaller bearings allow the bungee string to roll when the slack in the strings move.


The two little sheaves are for rigging the ‘stretchy string’ chain tensioners in the vertical chain orientation.