Where to BUY a new KIT


I want to know where I can buy and safely get delivered in Kenya.

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Welcome to the Forum @thadeusbah!
Here you can find 3 sellers: http://maslowcommunitygarden.org/ Click on “Market”
Here in the Forum they are (alphabetically) @EastBaySource, @MakerMadeCNC and @Metalmaslow.
Hopefully they will answer your question about shipping to Kenya.

Kind regards, Gero

Thanks let me reach out to them

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shipping to Kenya. Cheapest way is flat rate large USPS which is $107 for anything 20 lbs or less. or $80 for medium box.

fedex or ups are around $300 just for shipping.

if there is a freight forwarder that specializes in kenya shipments that might help

Thank you, does your CNC only work on metals? or is it the one for wood. I need the one that works on wood. Is it possible to have a chat with you on skype or whatsapp?

our kit works on wood. It is called metal malsow because the sled is made of metal. Maybe I need to change my name, I get that question way too much. send me a privavte message with your what’sapp and we can chat. I think there is a 6 hr time difference so dont’ call me past about 2pm your time.

I dont have your whatsapp number kindly share so I send a private message