Who has an old PC on the shelf? [POLL]

Just to get an idea how people think about the options

rate your favorite OS

  • GNU/Linux
  • Android
  • OSX
  • Windows
  • Other
  • Anything goes
  • They all suck

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Do you have an old but working PC that is bored and depressed catching dust on the shelf?
And if yes what type of machine is it?

  • Yes
  • No

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  • Pentium4
  • AMD
  • Core2
  • Atom
  • i3
  • i5
  • Apple

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I’m trying to build a GNU/Linux distro (not yet sure if I can get that far) and to get an idea of what people have available this poll may give me a bit of a clue in what direction i should go.

Apart from many other things that may influence my path.

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I hope i covered all the most average options

you should specify ARM (raspberry Pi) separately from all the x86 stuff (also, any apple is probably going to be x86 as well, the powerpc systems are old enough that they are probably not going to be considered, at least not unless they are running linux)


I don’t think I can get GC running on my Z80 Timex/Sinclair 1000, even with the 16K memory upgrade. - LOL

How about CPM -


LOL @Bee

@dlang i must indeed include RPi in the poll. It’ will be good to know how many people plan on using a RPi. But that would then also lead to questions about somewhat better embedded hardware

Like Up-board, ASUS thinkerboard, and a plethora of chinese goodies (good and bad ones)

This poll is mainly focussed on old PC’s. If someone has a usable PC on the shelf then that would reduce startup costs.

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FYI - I started rolling a Ubuntu Mate RPi image and got a UPS for one of the Pi3 and decided iI will instal Xrdp on it. More info to follow …

Thank you

Poop… after 5 minutes a poll cannot be changed…

So i will need to make a separate poll for embedded hardware.

Please name your favorite weapon here so i can use it in the new poll

As I see it there are basically two categories

  1. PC (x86) compatible boards

Could run windows (if new enough) or Linux

  1. 64 bit PC (AMD64) compatible boards

Can run windows (if new enough) or a standard desktop linux

  1. ARM boards

Linux only

beyond that, which board you choose comes down to power/accessories (including
OpenGL compatibility)

David Lang


good that you mention OpenGL compatibility.

On Ubuntu you can check the OpenGL version.

First install the mesa utillities, these contain glxinfo

sudo apt-get install mesa-utils

then lookup what version is installed:

glxinfo | grep "OpenGL version"
glxinfo | grep 'version'

I’m sure someone will need this…

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