WHOIS Travis CI?

With the latest pull-requests in the firmware, some error message showed up, nagging about that “all tests have failed”. The link with that message leads for example here Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence
Looking at the error, it’s complaining about a Arduino library that can be found in the local installation of the IDE (Linux) here: /home/{username}/arduino-1.8.3/libraries/Servo/src/Servo.h
I believe this is a false flag.
Looking at the history Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence they (whoever they are) started following the Maslow firmware 6 months ago.
I got curios and tried what would happen if I reach out to their support. To my surprise I got a respond, however, the support did not read my email well and ask me for the last successful built :frowning:
From what I see and run, our build are all successful, despite the error message from Travis CI.

What really would interest me is who and what they are and who pays them to check our firmware.
Or did Micro$ create a free support for github? Are they headhunters to fish on on programmers?
I don’t believe in free when it comes to companies, they pay salaries and have other expenses like server-space. What is their incentive?

Edit: our ticet number with Travis CI support is ->Request #4226 if you want to join in, perhaps you have more luck :slight_smile:

Edit: Free for opensource Travis CI · GitHub Marketplace · GitHub ,interesting.