Wire Dispenser - 3D Printing and MASLOW together at last!

After ordering lengths of silicone wire online and them arriving in tangled bundles, I felt the need for a system to hold and dispense wire as i needed them. I was also looking for a project that would combine my 3d printing skills with the Maslow.

I designed a holder in Fusion that is totally adjustable in the width of each bay and went about creating a cut file, I also designed and printed 8 spools to hold the wire. They are printed in two pieces that tightly push together.

Using a length of 10mm aluminium tube as small axles allows each spool to be easily removed and reloaded.

If there is interest in the Fusion files let me know and ill post them up.



A very good project - I need to make one of these. Would you consider putting it in the Community Garden?


Thanks Blurf. I can do that, I’ll have to clean up the files a little and make some improvements since putting it together. I’ll do that tonight and upload.


Hi, The Fusion Files are now in the garden!