Working with FluidNC / Maslow4

So calibration is done and I started tracing some squares and circles at 1 mm deep to see the far, It is pretty good. Now, I’m not familiar with Fluid and there is one instance where I’m confused.

When pressing the “red stop button” which as we know stops everything

and sends the “MSG:ERR: Emergency stop triggered” + red led flashing on the M4

How do we reset the machine?

I un-plug/re-plug the M4 and refresh my fluid page which reset the red ledand gets me control over the Z control up and down, but when I try to move the M4 in X and Y, I only get the fan to start and no physical movement of the M4.

One thing I notice is that Fluid seems to think that the M4 is moving. When I look at the X and Y coordinates on screen, it is moving.

Exemple: Let say I’m at 0,0,If I hit the left arrow for 100mm, the X coordinate on screen decreases slowly to -100 as if the M4 was moving, but it is not.

The only way back to controlling the M4 is to detach, “Retract all”, “Expand all”, re- attach and “Apply Tension”.

I’m sure there is an easier way, I probably just have not found that button yet!

any insight appreciated

If you hit the stop, you will have to disconnect the maslow, retract / extend again, then hang it again before you will be able to do anything.

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Thank you.

Some more questions/comments regarding Fluid.

How do you abort running a file? green is run, orange is pause and red is like a “major stop” and you have to disconnect/retract/extend/reconnect.

There must be an in between button if you load up and start the wrong file or “mis-home” your machine for the file.
Just a reset like "Stop(rise the bit) and go back to “home”

Am I just not seeing it?

Also a comment on pause, when I “unpause” it, the machine has a jerk when it goes back to running. Enough to mark the wood.
Am I the only one experiencing this?

Any way to change the JOG Feedrate?


There is no “stop” that does not cause the machine to abort right now. Unpause I have not gotten far enough to see yet, but I think these are all functionality that we want (me too!) but is not yet implemented. I also think we ought to have a boundary runner and a few other things. I’ve entered my thoughts into the github issues on Bar’s firmware project so they don’t get lost in forum noise…

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This one can be set here:

The stop button is super annoying and it’s high on my todo list.

The problem was that the way it was coded it would work like 85% of the time and having a stop button that didn’t always work seems like a hazard. Once I have a chance to track down when it wasn’t working right I will make it so you don’t have to fully reset

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Ok, Thanks for the hard work, you get to it when you get to it!

In the meantime, I have not taken on large project, but I did cut this cap for the vacuum, thanks to the person who put the dust collector in the not shop, I just stripped the bottom layer off of it, modified and cut a wooden cap (wish I had a piece of plexi) to go with a shop vac adaptor I had sitting around! Drawing was perfect, so was the cut, everything aligned nicely!


If anyone wants the Cap DXF, let me know


Woah that is so cool! What a brilliant idea!

Was that cut on your Maslow?

Yes it was with the M4,
It works well


I would love the DXF along with others I am sure. Nice job!

Also what is the thickness of the MDF, and the thickness of the countersunk region?

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Would you mind if I shared that (giving you credit of course) in next week’s weekly update? I think that the idea of bootstraping the dust collector like that is soooo cool

Here you go.

I used and old piece of 1/4 inch MDF with 3mm counter sunk.
Here is the NC file for 1/4 inch material.

M4-Vacuum Cap 0-25 (18.5 KB)

and the DXF file if you want to use a different material and adjust thickness.

M4-Vacuum cap.dxf (157.5 KB)

enjoy :slight_smile:


Sure no problem… The M4 is cool, this is just fun!



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Want to give us a hint on where we might find that adapter/flange? the number 90615 on it goes to a fuzzy brush. Or did you just cut down a fuzzy brush?

Yes it is the shop vac brush. with the brush cut out, It has the right angle


I bet if I dig around in my bin of shop vac parts I too have some brush I’m not using that I can cut down! If I ever succesfully calibrate I’ll have to cut one of those plates.


For anyone with a 3D printer, here’s vacuum flange that has a bunch of options:

It’s also parametric so if you need something custom, you can just change a few parameters and get what you need.

Looks to be ~$1.55 (plus shipping) for a similar 1.25 inch 45 degree flange printed from Craftcloud.