X Y motors strpped gears

Has any one come up with a better alternative for the X Y motors I have gone through the original set and 4 with the updated gear in the last year. My sled weighs in at 28.5 lbs . with router. I am getting good at getting things back in place again but would prefer a longer interval between fails.

that’s a very heavy sled (about 50% heavier than stock) it may last longer if
you remove some weight.

David Lang

does the same gear fail every time? do you have to replace the entire motor or can the gear just be swapped out? the stock motors are supposed to be rated at 30KG/66 lbs. my gut feeling is they really are not tough enough to do that. etomn the manufacturer does make stronger motors, no one has ever tried them.

I have swapped the new design gear in 3 times now (replaced with new motors twice when I could not get gears.

I can pull my main weight (8 lbs) I usually cut with a max of 1/4 inch. bits and 0.1 in depth of cut per pass.

Disappointing. I will ask Etomn if there is anyway to make the gear box more durable. if you can send me some photos of the failures that would help, maybe a photo of your sled as well. Does your sled ever get stuck momentarily? maybe reducing the bottom friction would be helpful??

My sled is made of corian (very low friction) ,never seems to stick ,always same gear fails although the gear that drives it is starting to show some wear. I have reduced the weight of the sled (Dlang suggestion) and will keep on cutting. Let me know if you get any response from Etomn.