Router lift (like rockler's)

has anyone actually tried to “MacGyver” available router lifts (for tables) onto a Maslow ?

you can make the same thing for WAY less money though… with pretty easily available tools.

Plus I feel that being for an under hanging design Z-Axis motor positioning would be hard and possibly detrimental to z travel. Unless you used some belts, setscrew pulleys and shafts. All thread could be a cheap polished shaft replacement.

Still think its better to build your own.

I think there would be some potential with this. You would have to com up with a coupler for the z axis to attach to the acme threaded rod but that could be handled. It would solve a lot if not all of the backlash issues some of us are dealing with. The price is a bit high but the results could be worth it.

I yet have to make up my mind on if the price tag really is on the too high side (200$ for a rigid precise construction seems al right …)

I might give it a go … it definitely can be re-used for a table setup if it fails for Maslow.

remember that router lifts are made to hang under tables, with gravity
eliminating backlash, so it may not be quite as much of a benefit as you are

a bungee cord over the router to the handles seems to be doing a good job.

I have one of those lifts, and was planning on trying it out. Note that the hole is not centered on the rectangular cut out, and the size is pretty large. That could be an issue for me, since I was planning on making it easy to remove, so I could pop it back in the router table. I’ve started drawing up a sled on SketchUp, I’ll post here later on.
I would not worry about backlash with these lifts. They hold the router very firmly in place, there is an adjustment for how much torque is required to turn the height adjustment dial. The only way the motor moves at all is by turning the dial, or by the whole lift itself wiggling. There are adjustment screws that are used to level the plate, and screws to secure it to the table (or sled)