Z axis maxing out

I recently got my router up and going but am having trouble with the z axis. It seems to max out on both ends of up and down. I can have my jog measurements set very low to get it to slowly move back into position so it does not tax the stepper motor, but it seems to go all the way down and max out as low as it can go against the bottom of the s axis base. I also do not see a way (button to click) to stop it other than pulling the plug which only starts it up where it left off when I pulled the plug. If anyone has any ideas that I can try or point me in a direction to look I would greatly appreciate it.

Something similar happened to me. It was a connection problem. After wiggling a bit, it works correct.

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It could also be a settings thing. Different kits use different settings. If you manually command it to move 1/2 an inch how far does it move?

It will go all the way down or up, not the specified distance. But other times it will move the way it’s supposed to.

I think @marie.o is correct. This sounds like a connection issue to me. If the signals from the motor encoder aren’t making it back to the controller it doesn’t know when to stop the motor.