Z axis motor very slow

Hi everyone!! After a month I had time to start with my Maslow. I have made the frame and installed Arduino and company. I have tested the engines and everything was perfect. With my purchase came also the wooden circulation to install the sled. My difficulty began when calibrating the Z axis. The whole calibration process went well but when I adjust and set zero the motor turns terribly slow and then when cut test pattem I see that the axis does not go down. I am using the triangular kinematics. Is there any recommended position for the Ridgid regulator before installing the accessories on the sled ?? If something similar happened to someone please tell me where to find the answers. Thank you.

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Welcome to the Maslow forums! Happy to see you’ve been able to get this far.

Are you running it with the Rigid router base? The Z-motor was selected for torque, not speed, so it’s pretty slow.

However, to me this sounds like the motor is struggling to move the router. There are a couple of things that can cause this resistance.

Does the router move smoothly in the base? It’s possible that the base is either too tight or too loose right now. If it’s too loose, the router could twist in the base, causing it to bind. If it’s too tight, it’ll grab the router body hard enough that the Z-axis motor will have a lot of trouble moving it. You can adjust that by tightening or loosening the lock washer on the base’s clasp. You want it so that when the clasp is shut, the base fits around the router with no slop, but the router can still slide up and down in it. See the picture below:

You may also want to take a little lubricant, I’ve used a silicone one in the past, and lightly coat the inside of the base. This will allow the router to move a little easier in the base.

There could also be something up with the depth adjustment assembly, so if adjusting the clamping force of the base doesn’t help, check here to make sure all the components are working correctly. You should be able to just loosen the set screws on the flexible coupler on the base side so that the lead screw turns freely. Then you can see if something is binding in there. A little lubricant also helps here.

Thank You. Problem solved.