Z-Axis Movement is off by 8 times more than expected

I’ve been having a lot of issues with my Z-Axis plunging way too far into the wood. So I spent the day learning about G-code and trying a variety of different programs to see if any of them acted any different. I was finally able to narrow down and repeat the issue; though not sure where I need to look in order to fix it.

In the Z-Axis dialog box, I did the following:

  • I zeroed out the bit to the wood, and it is always very repeatable.
    • On the side of the Z-Axis I marked a line where the zero is at.
  • With each test, I clicked the Go to Zero button and marked on the side of the Z-Axis where the router stopped at.
  • I get the following results with the values shown when I click the RAISE button
    • the router moves 1.5” with a value of 0.2 INCHES
    • the router moves 1.875” with a value of 0.25 INCHES
    • the router moves 2.25” with a value of 0.3 INCHES
    • the router moves 40mm with a value of 5 MM
    • the router moves 53mm with a value of 6.5 MM
    • the router moves 59mm with a value of 8 MM

I was able to get similar results using G-code where I just plunged the router into the wood…

change the leadscrew pitch in your config.

this post doesn’t give any information about what you have it configured to be
or what your Z axis is, so other than noting that this setting doesn’t match
your machine, it’s impossible to know what it should be


Yup, that’s exactly what it was. I changed it from the default value of 3.17 to 19.8 and now it drills down to within 0.08 mm