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Z axis not plunging during triangular calibration - Who else had this problem?

I recall some time back someone had an issue with the z axis not plunging for the calibration cuts. The sled would move to the correct location and then the z axis would stay still and the cut would proceed above the work piece. When the first cut completed, the z axis would raise as if it had been plunged to move to the next cut and continue doing that so at the end, the z axis was 5x higher than it should have been from raising but not lowering during the calibration cuts.

I was using a Mega controller, 1.5b eastbay shield with 1.26b firmware with a metalmaslow high speed z axis motor. If you had this issue, what did you do to fix it? I tried making a gcode file for the calibration cuts so it would move and cut with my commands and I found it would only periodically plunge.

What is interesting is it only has this problem with the mega controller. The Due controller works fine with the same motors. I’m hoping others can share what they found on this issue and I can use my system with either controller depending on whether I choose to use makerverse or webcontrol that day.

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That is so interesting that it is only happening with one controller and not the other. Is there any chance it could be a loose cable?

What do you see if you manually toggle jog the z-axis up and down? Does it consistently move?

That is what is strange. Manually it works just fine. It seems like it is skipping the z axis downward move when running the gcode.

That is so strange! Maybe it’s somehow switching into manual z-axis mode?

…Although then we would expect to see it pause for manual adjustments