Z axis raises but doesn’t lower

I’m using a ryobi R163 router. I was attempting to cut the sled tonight when I noticed that my z axis will raise but it will not lower. I’ve tried adjusting the locking lever on the router base but that didn’t work. If I apply pressure to the router it engages and will lower but with just the z axis motor alone turning it doesn’t move down. Any thoughts? If the adjustment screw had stripped the engagement fitting it wouldn’t raise the bit correct?

So the motor is receiving power and is trying to rotate?

Yes. The motor has power and rotated. It has good engagement through the coupler with the adjustment screw. Raising the bit works beautifully. Lowering the bit the motor turns, the adjustment screw turns, the bit doesn’t move. If I press on the router housing it will engage and lower.

Attach a bungie to the sled over the housing? That’s how we roll on the Ridgid router. (Downward bungie assist)

Thank you


On a Ridgid router with a similar z-axis mechanism, there is a sacrificial plastic part that would cause what you’re seeing.

On your router, I think it would be this piece:

Going to try the bungee first and removing the plastic part second. Thanks guys!