Z Axis not fully raising before X/Y movement begins

I’m having an issue where the Z axis doesn’t fully raise before X/Y movement begins.

I was watching the G-code go by, and I did see the line for moving the Z to the raised height of .5, but it only came up to .1 before moving for a few cuts.

Eventually there was a cut where it only raised to about -.5 and dragged a huge gash into the work piece.

Currently running GC 1.18, and using the Mastercraft Maximum router.

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Looking at the picture I can find I don’t see how a Z-axis motor would work. Perhaps I’m looking at the wrong model. Can you post a picture of the Z-motor setup?

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Can you post the gcode file you’re using? There might be a clue in there. If you can remember about where in the file the problem happens, that would help too.

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Additionally, how did you generate the g-code, which post-processor did you use?


I would check the set screw or whatever you have securing the motor shaft to the lead screw of your Z-axis. If that started to slip, it would really mess up your Z.

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Could you post a picture of your sled setup?

Thank you

Is the z-depth correct when it goes back down?
Do you have the z-axis cable and the router power cable connected together, because then interference will cause the z-axis to move withoit gc knowing.

I am now having this same issue. Was it ever resolved? The code is sent to raise the z axis but it only comes up part way then sits for a while. Eventually it moves into next x/y and cuts a gash to the next spot. When the command comes for the next z axis adjustment it drops to the appropriate level. The issue only seems to be happening when raising the z axis.

Does the digital readout on the screen show that the z-axis has finished retracting?

No it doesn’t. It starts to and then will stop randomly and sit there. Eventually it will just start to move in x/y after that.

That sounds like a shaky connection between the motor and the controller to me. I would try unplugging and re-plugging the cable to the z-axis. If you don’t already have some strain relief on that cable makes a big difference. You can ziptie it to the motor to hold it in place

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I just getting setup on this aswell, and purchased a Maximum router. There is something odd about the sprocket inside. there is two parts. on the side there is a button you can depress to allow, what looks like to be a clutch sprocket to release which allows you to slide the router in and out of the permanent housing, but while in place, there is a slack that doesn’t always catches right away. thus couple of rotations then will finally catch. throws the Z axis settings all off. hoping someone has the same problem ,and was resolved.