Z-axis servo motor


I want to know how can i adapt a servo motor to use it as z axis because in the beginin i plan to cut three or four mm plywood, and I thin with one pass will be enough.
So I want to know how the electronic work to try to do a simple adapter with two positions, up, and down, nothing else, at least I need to know what the wires need to know and say… could it be possible?


It would be far more work to setup (and modify the firmware) to support a
2-position setup than to use a normal, fully adjustable Z.

by servo, do you mean a hobby-type servo? (one controlled by a PWM signal).

I think there is an option to control a hobby servo to switch the motor on or
off, you may be able to (ab)use that to do what you are wanting.

David Lang

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Is a good option, can Yuo tell me how?