Z axis sloppy. Plunges into wood

Is it not possible to get a z axis upgrade without buying the entire $600 dollar upgrade kit!

What kit manufacturer did you buy from? Meticulous z axis. Search that. You can build your own.

Here are some examples of several other options.

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Thanks for the reply Orob, it was a used one that has seen a lot of work so I do expect to have to do some tweeking and adjusting. Unfortunately it is completely useless as it is now. :frowning: I’m sure I can get it going with the communities help.

You have several options and even some really good plans available for not an excessive amount of money. If you are dealing with the orange tab issue, there are fixes for that as well depending on your budget.

can you post a couple of pictures of your current set up?

not sure what ‘$600 upgrade kit’ you are referring to, but there are lots of ways to fix/improve your Z axis, but if we can see what’s wrong with the current one, we can help figure out the fastest/cheapest thing to do.

Thanks everyone, I found a great fix thanks to some links sent to me. I will post pics of parts purchased, 3d printed parts and the results they give me. Oh, referring to the upgrade it turns original into the M2, it looks like you basically have to replace everything to get the M2 version which is an average of $600.

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no you can get an upgraded sled from us for much less $200, or if you want to spend $600 you can get a whole kit with the router included!

delayed due new welding to 225mm Lead Screw Z axis kit (router, metal ring and motor not included) | MetalMaslow

also our upgrade kit comes 95% pre assembled, just needs about 5 minutes to set up.

Strange, I never came across the sled upgrade. the mods I made seem to be working so far. I will find out for
sure when I do my first major project. thanks for the info. good to know there is another option.

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