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Z-axis stopped working--only hums, motor works OK on X port

Does anyone have any idea with the z-axis port on the Maslow controller card would cease to function?
I swapped cable to the X port and z-axis motor works just fine. The center Z port only hums when the cable/motor is plugged and a move command is sent. This is the original Arduino Mega board. I’m using the Makerverse software.

What happens when you run Test Motors / Encoders? Is it possible that the z-axis is disabled in the settings?

It was running fine before–All three motors were working, then something happened to the Z motor. Frankly I’ve had a bit of trouble with the Z acting a bit wonky. (It would retract way too high)
I just bought a new motor from East Bay. It works on X, but not on the Z port. I’m wondering if I may have somehow burned out the Z power chip. The board is the TLE5206 V 1.4e from East Bay Source.
Since this is a soldered component, maybe I can replace it with a new power chip??

My instinct is that this could be a software thing, those TLE5206 chips are pretty tough. I know EastBay has their own firmware, could that be the issue? I think using the regular firmware does lead to z-axis issues.

I had a similar symptom when my Z calibration got all messed up. See this thread: Z axis scaling issue - #8 by emilecantin

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You know it sounds exactly like the problems I’ve been having with my Z-axis. I will try over-riding the setting in the Z axis Kp position. Are you using Makerverse software?

bar, How does one utilize to EastBay firmware for the TLE5206? Is it on Github?

It may just be me, but I get the feeling that the software is not quite as robust as it might be–kinda goes with open source. I love a challenge as much as anyone, but after hours and hours of troubleshooting it really gets to be seriously frustrating. Maybe we need some error trapping/diagnostic routines. Wish I was a decent programmer…
Thanks to all for the input–I really appreciate the feedback

Hi chuck

We’re sorry you are having issues with Makeverse. You may want to try out WebControl or GroundControl instead.

You can download the TLE5206 firmware from our website HERE or from the Maslow repository (Master branch) HERE

Instructions on how to install the firmware HERE

I agree 1000% its tough because without a single source to set the rules and test everything it gets confusing quickly, but there really isn’t any way to be open source and also have control. I’m working on trying to fix that issue with the next version of the machine…but maybe I’ll just end up making even one more software to use :roll_eyes:

Hello…in my case, I had that issue, z was intermittent.

Mine was a wire was not screwed into the power supply. it was just sitting on top of the screw head.