Z-axis upgrade and enclosure for dust control

Forgive my broken English and grammars!

I have been using the Maslow for a few months now. The biggest challenge for me was the z axis and dust control.

My Z axis upgrade was inspired by @Onelonedork. I have purchased a 100mm stroke actuator from banggood. I had to do some machine milling to shorted the actuator to about 70mm, This is because it needs to fit into the enclosure I built for dust control.

This is the 3D printed bracket for collecting dust at the source.

It looks crappy with those epoxy and PVC pipe, but it works pretty good. I would say it collect about 95+% of the dust.

Another angle of the whole assembly

This enclosure looks over kill, but all the rest of the dust that escape from the source stays in there. I also have a chinese knockoffs dust deputy in between ( this chinese knockoff one works better then the officially one, I have both of them)

And of course. At the end, I have to print myself a gold star


I love that you built a full enclosure! We are going to have our Maslow in a large shop with low concrete ceilings and limited ventilation, so I’m worried about both dust and noise, particularly if we start cutting aluminum. I have been thinking about an enclosure as well.


Awesome work! Well done. I love the entire build.

Thank you


Me too and this example is WOW!

I may just go with some sort of curtain arrangement to keep cost and space reasonable. I haven’t thought much about it beyond some sort of curtain arrangement - likely translucent vinyl of the shower curtain liner variety. More to keep the dust missed by the collector contained than making a hermetically sealed vacuum chamber.


haha, how about this one as our new standard frame. I love it, you clearly put way too much time into it :smiley:


This is beautiful!

I have thought about doing an enclosure also and I love the dust collector solution that also works with the external zaxis. Two firsts!

That gold star is well deserved :star::grinning:


What did you use for the sliding doors and how thick?


Looks great, making the plate out of metal is a great way to reduce the size!

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Yes! It reduce down the noise by a lot! i dont even have to use my ear plugs when its operating. Also I have been start using the maslow to cut aluminum too, It works pretty good except it scratch up the surface a little bit.

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It doesn’t slide, it opens upward. I used two 180lbs struts to support it.
the door is just made out of scrap 3/4 plywoods, 2x4s and a full sheet 1/4in thick pixglass.


Woah!!! That is the coolest thing.

Hannah and I are both very impressed.


I think you have a lot of company in the “Impressed” club


@Johnny5 As winner of Project of the Week is it OK if we write about your build in the newsletter?


Of course! Im glad your guys liked it
Thanks :slight_smile:


I tried for what I considered a minimalist design with maximum benefits in the 80/60 design. I have to call this the Maximalist design and I love it!

Thank you


Wow, that’s muy impressive. Outta curiosity, what did the plexiglass and struts run/where did you source them?

:rage: Grrrrrr, my new Dust Deputy literately just arrived today… I need to monitor this forum more…
How much better is the knockoff?


I bought the plexglass years ago at lowes and they were about 80 dollars for a full sheet.

This is the struts i used

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Is that a full sized sheet that you can cut or what size is it?

Is bummer, but they don’t wear out.

I have the weapons-grade Chinesium one and I’m surprised to hear it actually performs better. @Johnny5 - are you using the same vacuum on both? I assumed the knock-off was simply a clone of the Dust Deputy.

I haven’t set up my dust collector or Maslow frame yet as I’m working on my own little Tennessee Valley Authority Project in my basement to ensure max dryness for the spring thaw. I will be able to get the workshop setup going after that’s finished - hopefully next weekend. All that to say I have no experience with either cyclone yet.