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Z-Axis upgrades Consolidation



Except that I bought the 30 tooth one. I like having the 2:1 ratio, but 3:1 would be even faster.

But I will change the link to the 30 tooth one. I hadn’t realized I put the wrong link in.

Also, not sure why all the links are showing in Italian now, but they are the same, one just needs to change the language on the page to english (or whichever you prefer).


Ah got it, well I ordered the 20 tooth one from the link so hopefully it works well enough!

You probably got this one in 30T W6 B8 size right?


most likely. I am sure you can make it work with the 20 tooth one. Plus it’ll move that much faster. I found that I didn’t need to have a belt tensioner, but if you find you need one, I am certain you can figure it out. drop me a line if you want to commiserate on design.


Cool yeah as long as we think torque is enough to move it fine I can’t imagine other issues with the 20 tooth. I was thinking I’d 3d print a mount with mounting slots so I could adjust the motor to tension the belt. This mount is also one fewer part that I would have to strip from my original sled meaning I can keep it in service while building the new sled, right until the moment I need to steal the z axis motor.


I don’t think you’ll have a problem with torque. Since the axis is nearly horizontal, most of the weight is borne by the rails, and therefore the motor does not have to lift much weight.