Z-Axis Zero change


I try to cut a text file (outline) with 1mm depth to plywood, some letters are 2mm others 3mm deep. And after go home, the Z-Axis is minimum 1-2 mm lower than before I defined zero.

My Z-Axis is working fine manually, raise 5mm…lower 5mm stops on the same position.
GC change the define zero and I don’t now why.

Normaly I work with 2mm safe travel height, change to 5mm is not helping.

– Ground Control 1.17
– Firmware Version 1.17
– Z-Axis Kit from Maslow
– Checked cables and connection, restart and updates.

Does somebody has any idea?
Thank you

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Is the z-axis cable close to the power cable of the router? That has been known to cause interference with exactly your symptoms.


Yes the cable was together :see_no_evil:

Now I seperate and all looks perfect, thanks alot Dag…you made my day