Z calibration moves Y axis

Hi folks, I installed the 2022 groundcontrol and 3.0 firmware that was on eastbay since my original groundcontrol doesn’t load on MacOS anymore. After doing so, I went through calibration I’m stopped at the Z where, regardless of pressing Raise or Lower, it raises the Y axis and also pulls more to the left. I’ve seen a couple similar posts, but none with solutions that I could discern. Any help is greatly appreciated!

are you using the eastbay shield or do you have a different version besides the 1.5b?

I’m using the Maslow 1.1, should I try to reinstall back to 1.6 firmware instead? Only installed this one because groundcontrol 2022 was giving me a firmware warning.

GC’22 should work with the older firmware even though you get the warning. The newer firmware will support the newer boards, but should still work with the older boards. I would double check your controller boards are well seated together and all connections are solid. You might try reprogramming the firmware to the older firmware version. The newer version may have an incorrect pin assignment. There should be no harm with the older firmware. You may not have access to the newer features such as laser on/off command or the spindle speed control though and your control board doesn’t have breakout connections for those anyway.


I’ll give that a shot and report back, thanks a ton @Orob !!

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That appears to have done the trick, thanks so much!!

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Glad you got it working. Was it the firmware or the connection?

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Ended up being the firmware for the movement plus wedged sawdust created a ramp to unseat the router from its mount for no visible depth change

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