3-Way Pedal Truck Project (Stevenson Project)

About 8 yrs is a fairly good approximation. The total weight and length of legs is really the limiter. I plan to use my grand children to test and determine the “you must be shorter than this line to ride this attraction” cutting off point. I had them jump in last week and know the acceptable range, I just need to take a few measurements.

The weight limit on my modified design is currently only about 300 lbs total. This is a rating limitation on the wheels. I had to go with the cheapest price option for this first test build. They can be stiffened by adding an inner and outer piece to each. I may do it in the future.

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That was your first project with the Maslow? I can’t wait until you get ambitious!


Of course you would, @aluminumwelder, of course you would! :laughing:


That sounds like a great idea! You know, it seems like fabric is under rated. Then oil it, this is linoleum. The Lin stands for the linseed oil used to solidify the fabric (so I’m told). True maker. :gear:. :bow_and_arrow:. :dart:

If you’re gonna go with the hdpe for the roof, you could add some extra ribs to the roof, otherwise i don’t think it would keep a nice curve.

Edit: almost forgot to say, WOW, I LOVE THIS, it’s the kind of stuff i bought my maslow for.


WOW, this is exceptional! Lovin’ it! :heart_eyes:
You’ve officially lengthened my to-do list.

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I have decided to “try” and make the Pie Wagon roof from 1/8" Luan and kerf the back side {madgrizzle - I hope you are happy :slight_smile: } using a “Vee” shaped router bit. I just need to draw it up and figure out placement for hold down screws or brads but hope to get onto this by the weekend.

I added the headlights since the last post also. They are 3" PCV pipe end caps, painted silver. I added a round wood center piece to hide the bolting that holds the lights.

FYI, the “B” in the grill stands for Baba. This is my family’s nick name for our Grandfather. I found out a few years ago (living in Dubai, UAE) that is is also the Arabic term for father. Who knew…

I have spend the past days doing filler and primer painting. I Love the wood working part, but hate the painting part.

Thank you all for your encouragement and support. For my next project I plan to build the following:

It is called the “steam roller”. It is on Instructables.


Aaargh, could you please stop filling up my to do list


9/7 Status Update

I have made a few attempts to kerf plywood to use as the roof. Unfortunately the quality of my plywood is too poor to allow for enough bending (multiple directions) that I have to use other material for it. I looked at the “flexible” plywood that is available, but it is so expensive that I opted to use other media. I ordered some (Dark Green) marine vinyl sheeting (<$15/yard 46-60" wide) and will be using this for the roof. Here are photos of the 3-way as a dump truck and as Pie Wagon status as of last night.

20180831_162339 20180831_162324
Front door hinges made from recycled coffee can (too cheap to buy hinges)

Front door hinges installed

Pie Wagon door hinges installed (also made from recycled coffee can)

Pie Wagon door latch

Roof support struts installed

Dump truck mode

Dump Bed Hinge

Dump bed is removable

Front door handle in process of build.

I will be working on installing the front door handle and Pie Wagon roof this weekend. Will only have the hood to finish this project up. For this I ordered aluminum flashing that I will cut and form to fit.


Just Outstanding!! Keep getting Better and better.

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Thanks. Do you think the Irish is coming out of me??? I may have to get this into the Savannah Saint Oatricks Day Parade. All it is missing are a few shamrocks. :slight_smile:


You can make the Shamrocks. Add a little Leprechaun and you’ll win the hearts of all at the parade.


9/10 Update

Had a productive weekend (Sadly there was No cutting with my Maslow).
Door handle installed.
Pie Wagon roof Vinyl installed.
Pie Wagon rear “connection” hinge built and installed. (used the same design as for dump truck bed hinge)
Hood aluminum cut (not yet installed as I will be making interior supports).

Here are a few photos.

20180908_090413 20180908_090430
Vinyl Roof installed.

Door handle installed.

PieWagon (Complete)

Fitting Aluminum hood to frame. (Added side “trim” pieces to hide the attachment screws for the aluminum.)

I had to remove the fenders and headlights to fit and install hood.
Once I finish the hood internal supports and attached the hood skin, I plan to install two straps with buckles across hood when complete to give it an old time look.
I have some trimmings left over from the roof so I might make the hood straps from that if I can not find two matching old leather belts (my preference) in the local thrift store.
If anyone has two old matching wide width belts they want to donate, let me know.


Or just get a leprechaun outfit for the little person you built this for.


So you went for vinyl, and I must say it looks amazing.
Definitely one of the top projects ever.


I love the build, everything looks amazing.

Can you tell me where you sourced your wheels? I have the Stevenson Bugatti plans which I want to build using the Maslow, and I think your wheels would be a perfect fit for it.

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Thanks. I hope my updates are not boring everyone.

The Stephenson Bugatti is on my short list (just after the airplane). Yes, I actually have a list and order to the madness…

I recommend that you look to update the hardware part of their design as it was made in the late 70’s - early 80’s and things have changed since then.

I made a ton of changes to bring down the cost and make it more solid of a design (using more modern parts). I would recommend using a 4 bolt bearing instead of their method of pipe connections. I will be happy to share with you the changes I have made (off forum).

I got the wheels from McMaster-Carr for <$20/ea.


IMPORTANT: These wheels are only rated for about 70lbs/each. There are other wheels available with a higher weight carrying capability, but the price is much higher.

The 4 bolt bearings (UNF201-8) they also carry (I got mine on ebay @~$5/each):

The bearings I used I got for under $5/each on eBay, but had to buy 10 of them to get price per part down. I figured with all the Stevenson vehicles to make, that they would eventually be used.

These folks did me right (have my seal of approval for what that is worth). Good price and fast delivery.

Please post photos, etc about your build progresses so we can all see.


Uh, nope. I have found this thread and project very satisfying. It really makes me wish that I was a kid again. So, a big thank you for posting what you have.


Wow outstanding job!!! Brilliant progress log thank you for sharing​:grinning::grinning:


Your updates definitely are not boring.

Yes, after reading the plans, I want to upgrade the hardware, not really interested in using plumbing parts for everything. I understand his intent to make it easy to build with minimal tools, but I would like to modernize. I will get in touch with you, curious what you did change, thank you!!

And thanks for the links to McMaster, I didn’t think about using cart wheels instead of bicycle wheels, that opens up a lot of options! I am also going to order bearings from them on ebay.

Once I start the build I will post photos, still waiting on my maslow kit.

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